Janet Lybbert Email 509-289-8402


Keith Kooy 509-787-5811

Beat The Beast Run:

Phil & Kathleen Horning 

Inside Booths:

Grace Kok 509-787-4132

Debbie Ramsey 509-398-0719

Outside Booths:

Larry Williamson 509-398-1100

Quilt Display:

Marlys Downs 509-989-6827

Tractor Pull:

Grant Tevelde 360-920-9208

Jim Buys 509-787-3424

Antique Farm Equipment & Home Display:

Wyman Duggan 509-787-5566

Q.V. Chamber Car Show: Ryan Peterson Email 509-750-1736

Rotary Car Show:

Chuck Allen 509-398-5196

Grand Parade:

Anne Durfee Email 509-398-0957 (Cell)

Chamber of Commerce:

Cari Mathews Email 509-787-2140