Who We Are

The Ƶ family of companies not only supports the industries they serve, but also advance and improve them through ongoing research and development. At Ƶ, we are not simply content to support our customers, we strive to play a key role in their continual success.

We welcome inquiries from around the world and look forward to hearing from you. For more information regarding IMC, IMCI or any of our affiliated companies, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Serving the Global Market

Ƶ specialize in diversification. The extraordinary variety of the work we perform attests to the can-do attitude that permeates through our organization.

Our client base is truly international with manufacturing, sales and distribution centers on almost every continent and we are confident in our ability to meet or exceed your needs. Our range of capabilities include design/build applications, field inspection and installation services, customer fabrication and large scale manufacturing services.

Products for Industry

Ƶ are a proud family of companies that produce a wide variety of innovative products for industry. With more than 3,500 direct employees and over 34 worldwide manufacturing, sales and distribution facilities, we provide tier-one products and services to some of the most demanding industries imaginable.

This vast diversity of global resources and networking infrastructure allows us to utilize the strengths of each company, learn from each other and create a technological advantage within each industry. Common to every associate in our family of companies, is the profound respect for and the integrity of established industrial principles and practical openness to applications of new technology. With individual company histories spanning decades, and in two cases, more than a century, the Ƶ companies are time-tested leaders in their national and global markets.

Global Products & Services

At Ƶ we believe in building a strong core. We also believe that the best method for doing so is to provide products and services for a wide range of industries. This methodology also allows our individual companies to work together, utilizing the strengths between them to learn from each other, share resources and coordinate marketing strategies. This business plan has allowed us to consistently expand our holdings, improve our bottom line and better assist our customers.

The Ƶ network of companies combines the multi-sector skills and track record of experienced and quality certified companies to provide best in class products and services on a global level.

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