The Ƶ Aerospace Group was formed to combine the global aerospace capabilities of IMC (Industrial Manufacturing Ƶ) and IMCI (Industrial Manufacturing Ƶ International); a great benefit of which is to give its customers a single partner to reach all of the Aerospace companies within the group. The Ƶ Aerospace Group is able to ensure that each of its customers receives the best possible service and that they have access to over 90 years of continuous aerospace engineering experience – together with the combined global resources the group has to offer.

We bring together the strengths and capabilities of Arrowhead Products, Flexider, and Nanjing Arrowhead Products, to provide complete Low Pressure & High Pressure aerospace ducting systems component production and design capabilities in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The companies within the group offer long histories and excellent pedigrees of supply to the aerospace industry with Arrowhead Products founded in 1937, Flexider founded in 1921, and Nanjing Arrowhead Products in 2012. Between them they have supplied products to many major commercial and military aircraft platforms as well as space programs.

The Ƶ Aerospace Group’s total system capability, from ducting components to complete low and high pressure air distribution systems, enables us to provide a one stop shop for customers servicing the world.

Together the Ƶ Aerospace Group can engineer, design, manufacture and test the full range of High Pressure and Low Pressure Ducting systems, using a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials. Applications include; Gasper lines, Galley Ventilation, Main Cabin Distribution, Cockpit Distribution, Avionics Ventilation, Baggage Bay Heating & Ventilation, RAM Air, Anti-ice Ducting, Bleed Air Ducting, Environmental Control System Ducting, APU Connections, Fuel Ducting, Exhaust Ducts and Cryogenic Propellant Lines for space applications.