Our Ƶ Industrial Group combines the multi-sector skills and track record of quality certified companies to provide best in class products and services. Our wealth of expertise and state-of-the-art facilities offers our customers a wide range of global services and benefits. Working together, we are able to bring the latest in international best practices to every project to ensure our customer’s success.

In the Industrial Group, we harness our vast resources of worldwide engineers, designers and fabricators to provide the best procurement options, certified quality and globally recognized customer services. We specialize in the design, engineering, production, inspection and delivery of a wide range of products with the understanding that every task is mission critical.

We provide a comprehensive suite of fully integrated, multidisciplinary services and can design, engineer and fabricate for fast track projects in either traditional tender delivery or design-build services.

The Industrial Group focuses on delivering superb products and offering the best quality available… anywhere in the world.